Some of my favorite moments

This post is filled with other posts – so it’s jam packed with reading! These are some of my favorite posts for a variety of reasons – they are filled with love, drama, sadness, or super cool things my students were doing. If you haven’t followed my blog from the beginning, the first few posts are where my blogging career began – triathlon training. These posts are most certainly similar to some of the more recent things I’ve been writing about, overcoming giant things.

letting go

Training the Brain

Where the Mind Goes, The Body Follows

Unfinished Business (part 3)

DNF…Did not finish..or Did not fail

This block of posts is centered around my amazing students and the work that was happening in my high school art classroom. These posts bring me right back into my classroom and make my heart ache at the incredible-ness of my kids.

Class Intentions and Values

Representation Matters

Museums are Boring and Irrelevant, Right?

Reflections on My Own Beliefs and Practice with Equity

How to Survive in My Class

Making Space for Students’ Voices

This block of posts are personal. Deeply personal. It’s like looking into my journals. I was asked why I’ve been sharing these publicly – it brings me closer to community. When I have spent years being secretive or just writing privately, this helps normalize the pervasive thoughts. It helps me overcome my perfectionism by revealing that I certainly do not have it all together.


tucked in


Thank you for indulging me, for reading even just this post. I appreciate you spending any time with me and my writing. So much love to each of you.

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