Day 21!

I have so many people in my life that have made an impact or changed my course, but there is one person who changed my life in such a drastic, positive way that everyday I am grateful for meeting her.

When I was in high school, we were required to take “an arts class” so that meant visual art, theatre or music. I was convinced that i wanted to take theatre. but i was a bit scatter brained in high school and always turned in things late (look how much i’ve grown! ha). so i didn’t end up getting into the theatre classes. instead i was stuck in an art class. i was devastated. my mom convinced me to try it for a little while and if i really didn’t like it i could switch out. so first period everyday with mrs. dason in art 1 began. and it wasn’t so awful. it wasn’t amazing at first, but i was learning and getting better. and i liked mrs. dason. she was kind and caring but also stubborn and pushed me.

i ended up taking art 2 and then ap art and photography. i knew i wanted to be a teacher and after my junior year i knew i wanted to be an art teacher. on several occasions mrs. dason was truly my savior in high school. she showed me a means of expression of the chaos in my brain and the thoughts that could have killed me. she supported me emotionally in ways that she probably doesn’t even know of.

to this day i continue to have a relationship with her, now through email, especially since i am now teaching high school art. it may sound selfish, but i hope that i am mrs. dason to one student. i hope that i help a student see that life is bigger than right now.

so today i am grateful for mrs. dason. she showed me my path.

who has impacted your life in a positive way?

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