Day 20!

I’ve had two occasions this week where i ended up crying in front of people that i didn’t expect to and wasn’t really prepared for. i had a powerful conversation with one of my classes about social issues and where they stood with them. they spoke of their experiences in relation to immigration, gang violence, college debt, the black lives matter movement, poverty and a few others. they spoke honestly, eloquently and respectfully about their opinions and experience. i was moved and honored to be able to be a part of this conversation – and i cried. the students noticed and commented but didn’t make fun of me too much. the following day (when i wasn’t crying) they brought it up and actually seemed to understand that i was just moved.

today i am grateful for my emotions and being able to express them. i used to try very hard to hide my emotions – both the good ones and the difficult ones. as i’ve gotten older and more comfortable in my skin, i realize that my feeling is a huge part of who i am. my friend sunshine says i could be a professional crier. and it’s true. i’m good at it – in that i empathize when others are sad or upset and that manifests itself in tears. my body just can’t keep it inside – so it pours out of my eyes. same with happiness and pride.

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