tapering, patience, patience, patience


so i’m still sick. although i was getting better and felt better, i was stupid. not horribly stupid. but definitely stupid. although i knew i wasn’t 100% i was hell bent on completing my 1:50 run and my 50 mile charity bike ride. the bike ride would probably have been fine and one thing, but doing both when i wasn’t 100% certainly didn’t help my immune system healing. so. yeah. i’m back to complete rest. (mainly because both jas and coach k have yelled at me and put me in my place) 

but… i did have a fabulous run on saturday. i felt great and strong. which bodes well for race day. knowing that the rest is doing my body good was a fabulous reminder for me.



but let me go to my bike ride…it was incredible. and honestly who would’ve thought that i would EVER SAY THAT? about a bike ride. about a FIFTY MILE bike ride? but it was. it was a GORGEOUS day. and the ride itself was so peaceful and wonderful and i truly don’t have enough superlatives to give this ride. i also fueled wonderfully (after the first hour)…. the first hour was tough. my legs were sore from the run from the previous day and i couldn’t stop cramping. i never cramp. it was weird. so i started eating and drinking on the bike. at one point i thought i was going to have to stop, but then i thought about why i was doing this ride – for kids with cancer. i mean come on…i can’t quit. and i didn’t. and then my legs loosened up and felt great. the climbs were awesome and i felt strong. and i completed it in 3:35. wowza. that’s intense for me. the first time i did 50 miles it was in 4 hours. not that time is important, because it’s not, it was that i did it and i felt great. my legs were cooperating and they worked well. and afterwards i continued to feel great and not feel the need to just sleep. i was able to spend time with my friend deb’s family which was beyond inspiring and just enjoy the day. 

i felt great afterwards but couldn’t really eat. my tummy wasn’t feeling up to solid food. i had a giant smoothie so i definitely was able to get some quality calories in. by the time i headed home i was getting hungry and i called for some baba sushi on the way home and picked it up in my ridiculous outfit (read: ice pants, hot pink compression socks, frizzy hair and smelly) and headed home with 6 rolls of sushi. and apparently the amount of sushi i ordered seemed like the amount for more than just me….



after eating i found i had also forgot to put sunscreen on…so i got a decent burn but only on one side of my body. 



so i was tired. i went to bed early. and monday i woke up and didn’t feel great. not horrible. not tired. but not great. i went and swam with jas and started coughing halfway through…and he yelled at me and shut me down. and told me to tell coach and it was confirmed. so i’ve done nothing. no more workouts. loads of vitamins. loads of veggies. loads of good things. there have been some minor moments of panic due to not doing anything. but overall, i actually am calm. oddly calm. i am ready. and i feel good about it. i just hope that my fitness hasn’t dropped too too much. but i think it’ll be ok. i dropped off my bike to the shop to get a tune up. and i’m getting her a small facelift – getting a new tape job that’s a little flashier! i can’t wait to pick her up! i’ve begun my list making for packing and getting ready to inventory my fuel and get ready to start the actual packing this weekend. 

Imagezella is helping me melt. she loves to “help” and keep her legs up. too funny.


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