6 days out…



so next saturday is patriot. 6 days away. and i’m still calm. still calm. that seems like reason enough to be panicked. ha. no truly. i am calm because i’m ready. not in a cocky, i’m gonna win (which i’m certainly not going to be even a little bit close to that), but in a “i trust my journey, my training, my body” way. and it’s nice. i felt this way before philly – in terms of the race itself. 

this weekend was a rest weekend. although i’ve been resting since last monday due to being sick. but i’m better now and didn’t want/need to push or test fate. so yesterday…i sat outside and relaxed! i read my book. enjoyed a couple hours of sunshine. it was lovely.



and today…i checked all my gear. i organized it. i checked it all off the list. i put it into bags. i’m basically ready to head out the door. ha. i even picked my bike up from the bike shop – she got a tune up and fancy new bar tape. she’s ready to race too!

here’s the look of my living room during this crazy gear process. 



i organized everything in order of transition area, to swim, bike, run supplies then recovery. i’ve been known to forget about pants – silly silly me. i have a fuel plan and almost all of that has been made and frozen. i only need to make some sweet potato and quinoa pouches. i figure i’ll have two for the race. can’t hurt. i actually think that i’m going to make my goal(s). to complete this half ironman (which is going to happen) using only homemade vegan food (fingers crossed for that). i am not opposed to being in the moment during the race and needing something. i’m not going to be stupid or proud – but my hope is that all this practicing and thoughtfulness will keep my tummy settled, full and my body fueled for performance. 

i’m actually more excited about doing this race at this point. definitely emotional at this journey coming towards it’s goal but not nervous. we will see how the following week goes. that attitude may change!

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