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so last time i posted i was actually on the plane traveling to cali for the final time for the boy’s graduation. i had killed myself getting all my workouts in and i was tired. we got there (i travelled with his mom) and it was great. the next morning, i felt great and went for a run – 45 minutes. it’s lovely to run in california. in the morning, it’s slightly overcast but still warm and then normally the clouds burn off and it turns gorgeous. there are lovely trees and gorgeous flowers to look at. there were a ton of honeysuckle which smelled heavenly as i ran. that day was great. i ate pretty well and we went into los angeles and did the hollywood walk of stars. apparently i have acquired a fear/phobia/anxiety of adults in costumes – so i was pretty freaked out in front of the theatre where these costumed folks kept coming up to me asking if i wanted a photo. it was weird and i def did not like it. the boy could sense it and we left quickly. we ate at this fabulous restaurant that was an old theatre and i wish i had taken a photo of the ceiling because it was gorgeous – hand carved wood. beautiful. we went up to the griffith observatory and saw so many amazing things. i love it there. 

the next morning i woke up with a sore throat. nothing major. i actually thought it was due to the amount of garlic in the meal i ate the day before. i felt fine other than that so i just let it be. we went to the san diego zoo – which was nice, although i have issues with animals being in cages, etc. so i felt very torn in my feelings of the cuteness of pandas and pandas being in captivity. we also went out to coronado – which had the softest sand. 

saturday morning i had my long run planned – 2:20 to be exact. my hip was bugging me – most likely from all the walking in toms the day before. so i figured i’d just play it by ear. by friday night, my nose was getting congested and i started to bargain with myself. try to do an hour, try to do an hour and half, just do a half hour, see how you feel when you wake up, and on and on. so when i woke up i didn’t feel awful, but certainly didn’t have 2:20 in me. the boy agreed to run with me for awhile. so we ran. a mile. and then i said to him, this is pathetic i know, but we gotta go back. i couldn’t breathe, my hip was bugging me. at first i thought it was my brain being lame. but by midday i felt pretty crappy and was uber congested. and i was hungry. it was graduation day. and we went to a picnic. but there wasn’t really anything for me to eat. and then we went home and i sort of ate. and then we went to the graduation. we didn’t start heading home till almost 10 at night – which where we were, at that time of night there’s not much open or available to a vegan. we hit two grocery stores and a restaurant (that was closed). i opted to go home and eat a bagel and go to bed. i felt awful. i hadn’t felt this horrible in a long time. and of course, i was in california and was with his mom. 

sunday morning before we left, we hit up my FAVORITE place – mead’s green door. if you are in the vicinity (as in 100 mile radius) of orange, ca you should go. i filled my body with as much good food as possible, including these kale muffins!!

Image  Image


they were amazing. incredible. so healthy. i will be figuring out how to make these asap. i also got a smoothie filled with all sorts of delicious healing things (carrots, ginger, oranges – i forgot the rest)



i was actually beginning to feel human again. but then i had to leave. for whatever reason, lax sucks as an airport for food. normally i’m stuck in a terminal that only has a fish joint, a starbucks and a book store. i eat nuts and sometimes get lucky finding hummus. i had a few dr. mcdougal meals with me just in case for the trip back. but then…i found this…. 


Real Food. It’s a PLANT BASED RESTAURANT in the terminal. holy shit. i was literally in heaven. it took me forever to decide on what to get because everything sounded so good. i wish i had had a friend with me to get something else so we could’ve shared. ha. but i got this. the lax bowl. yum yum yum



brown rice, black beans, salsa, cashew cheese, guac. what’s not to love? plus it had this delicious cilantro lime dressing. yummy. unfortunately, i was still sick. so i def couldn’t taste the amazingness of it all. i could taste a little bit and it was incredible. but not the depth of the amazing. that makes me sad. i slept or rested most of the trip back. i couldn’t even keep my eyes open to read. i also was “that sick girl” on the plane – i went through a box of tissues. ugh. 

when we finally got home, i managed to sleep until 11 on monday. ELEVEN?! yup. latest i’ve slept in forever. i obviously needed to. and then i spent the remainder of the day on the couch- eating soup and drinking tea. i can’t remember the last time i did that either. i literally couldn’t move. (and yes i went through ANOTHER box of tissues)

oh yeah. meanwhile – i’ve done ZERO workouts. due to the travel and the sickness. by monday night i wasn’t actually worried. i talked to coach and she had agreed to rest and feel better. not to push it. so i figured take off tuesday as well. i’d go to melt which was necessary. but i was feeling amazing (well in comparison) tuesday, so i started to plan the rest of the week workout wise. i opted to not cram everything i missed, but move forward, giving my body adequate rest but also getting back into it. and then….i woke up this morning (wednesday) and felt worse. how is that possible? i felt worse? ugh. so no swimming. i was hoping to get a brick in tonight. but after breakfast, i knew that wasn’t happening either. my brain began to get a tiny bit worried. a tiny bit. honest. it was tiny. it would be a week since i’d done anything meaningful. again, checked with coach. (and jas) and they both agreed that i needed to listen to my body. and rest. and recoup. and heal. that i would be fine. that i had put the work in. my body would let it out. 

so yeah. i’m sick. feeling a bit better. mainly because i’ve been eating some delicious good food. and i made this amazing smoothie (2 navel oranges, lemon juice from one lemon, small piece of ginger, a dollop of maple syrup, kale, frozen strawberries) 



so now i’m just listening. listening to my body. trying to feel better. that’s what i need. to get to that starting line healthy and in one piece. no need to push it just out of pride. 

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