Siri, Floods, Friends and the journey….

That's empowerment at it's finest!
That’s empowerment at it’s finest!

I was feeling frustrated at the end of last week. Not for any real legitimate reasons. But was missing Sean, underfed and still struggling with food. I went to Tri-Mania on Saturday, looking forward to seeing Siri Lindley and to learn loads of new things. It was incredible. I will post my thoughts specifically from Tri-Mania and my half iron distance workshop tomorrow. I was looking forward to a ride with “the whole gang” and moving into a better week. and then…i woke up Sunday with 6 inches of water in basement. I sat on the stairs of my basement and cried. I was frozen. I had no idea what to do or who to call. So i did what any person today does…i posted it on Facebook, hoping someone would know what to do. and they did. suzanne came over and helped me save all of cheryl’s barbies from the flood. at one point i was so concerned about cheryl’s things, my bike and trainer were floating by and suzanne said to me “lizzie maybe we should move it upstairs”. after that ken came over and put a moveable sump pump in and there was a solution in place. although, i was still pretty much done for the day and week and possibly year. i couldn’t deal with anything else. suzanne was like what will you do about the ride? i made some comment like i would do it later, fully knowing i wouldn’t. and she said she’d come back and do it with me. and then we called jaye and she said she’d come later. and jas agreed to come later. and then they all came over. and we talked and laughed. and then later in the afternoon we rode. and we did it. i certainly couldn’t have done it or wouldn’t have done it without them.

and then…i got up on monday and swam. and ran. and continued through my week. the sun came out. and i got through all my workouts. and i felt good. and i enjoyed them. and i remembered how far i have come.

old lizzie would’ve quit. would’ve quit everything. she would’ve cried and hoped that someone else would figure it all out. now i certainly didn’t figure anything out on my own, but i asked for help. which is a lot for me as well.

and then last night! last night, i used a friend’s sawsall and destroyed a couch. NOW THAT IS EMPOWERING! and the basement is now empty, clean, organized, and dry.

the journey through to that finish line is filled with so many things other than the workouts. it’s filled with doubt and exhaustion and life. and those three events (doubt, exhaustion and life) are enough to make anyone walk away. but somehow, someway i keep moving forward. and i know that i can do these races.

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