Siri’s Half Iron distance

I went to tri-mania a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to go to a session with Siri Lindley- coach to Ironman world champion Mirinda Carfrae and plant based ironman Hilary Biscay. She was inspiring, funny and a great source of info.
Here are my notes (literally in note form) ill comment afterwards:
– facing fears over and over again
-face weakness and injury first, address these before setting about training
– get the right equipment (shoes, bike fit)
–> you want to feel as good on your bike as you do on your couch

-your plan needs to be realistic (in regards to time on training, if you can’t spend 14 hours training, don’t use a plan that expects that)

DONT OVERCOMMIT –> this leads to frustration and diminished confidence

Train more of weakness

Find out what motivates you in training
–> within training : mix it up or consistent

Swimming stuff:
*Find the swim stroke that works for you
* up the tempo of stroke without shortening stroke or not finishing

* at the buoy, sprint –> practice this
*use your kick even with a wetsuit *
*last 100m kick hard to get blood flowing (warm up legs for bike)

Output on race day should be familiar
Loads of swim-bike bricks

Overall race stuff:
Pace yourself on race day – better to say you could’ve gone harder than not finishing

Overall training stuff:
When you’re limited on time make EACH workout meaningful. Have a plan for each of the workouts.

Treadmill sessions are compared to to treadmill workouts. They are very different than road running.

Have plan during open water swims. Use paddles, drills, practice starts and finishes.

She spoke about the creation of workouts, although I didn’t write that all down due to having my own coach. I did find her advice very useful and it has changed my mindset in regards to my running and my workouts in general.

She also discussed in her keynote speech about visualization. This I found most useful. She talked about not just visualizing a perfect race but about the things that could go wrong and visualizing overcoming those issues. For instance, thinking about getting a flat and calmly fixing that flat and continuing the bike. I truly felt that was important to having meaningful positive visualization for race preparation.
Overall I felt Siri was a fabulous presenter and motivator. Her advice was meaningful and inspirational.

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