recovery week…AND BEYOND!

last week was recovery week. and i certainly needed it. i actually had a FULL DAY OFF. like no workouts, no work, no real clothes. WHAT?! yup. it was lovely. unfortunately i was still super productive and on my feet a lot of the day. last week was pretty good. i actually had some great rides and my midweek run was heavy as expected but saturday felt great. it was my swims that weren’t so hot. they were actually fine in terms of actual workouts, my intervals were fine and my heart rate was fine. it was my mind. in the way. and then..the boy returned. which is great. i love him being home. i also have a hard time not wanting to push everything else out of the way and just spend time with him. but he was great and pushed me out the door on saturday to run and it felt great knowing he supported me in doing that. 

and then yesterday…walter returned. aaah. walter. his presence calms my soul. (if he knew what i wrote about him, he may think i was crazier than he already thinks i am. ha) he led an incredible ride while we watching bicycling dreams (or something like that) about these people doing the ride across america. it was inspiring. it was crazy. it was sad. it was exactly what i needed. although my legs weren’t in love with it. they were crampy after 1:20. i finished but i was hungry….which leads me to…

food. food and me this week have not been friends. i am uninspired. i am not hungry. i barely ate last week. i ate half my lunch. i would forego my snacks. NOT GOOD. which could be why i felt the way i did in the water and it’s definitely why i felt the way i did on the bike. but i think i’m finally back on track. i also bought two new cookbooks that should arrive on wednesday. which will console me because that is also the same day the boy leaves. i purchased the oh she glows cookbook and the thrive cookbook. so pumped. i’ll post recipes and such when i try some out. 

now to the most ridiculous part of my week. this morning i was tired. i mean tired. but i knew i needed to swim this morning or the rest of my week would be thrown off. so i went. no patty. but there was a workout. so i began. i felt great. (reading sheila’s book has helped with my stroke dramatically) about 400 yards into the warm up i did a weird awkward flip turn. and landed on the lane line. and then the lane line bit my calf. yup. it bit me. as in it squeezed my calf. and it hurt. bad. i had tears in my goggles. but i knew i couldn’t stop. so i swam. and it hurt. the immediate pain in my calf began to disperse up into my hamstring. which made it so i barely kicked. which made my “new stroke” work harder. which made my lats and shoulders sore faster. domino effect. to the max. but i finished. 2750 yards. i was proud. so i went and showered. and then….promptly dropped my lock on my foot that was attached to that calf that had been bitten by a lane line. stars. serious tears. i thought i may have broken a bone. (mainly because i’m dramatic) and i left. and my right lower extremity was sore. i was concerned i wouldn’t be able to run today. and then the domino effect would continue through this week. but i feel better. i ran. but those areas are tender. so tender. i will have some amazing beautiful bruises. 

2 thoughts on “recovery week…AND BEYOND!

  1. Just discovered your blog and I love it! I’m not training for an ironman but am always training for something and I think your posts are great! So inspirational!

    1. So great! Thanks for your support!

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