the “it” continued

so i was overly concerned about this week. i had a considerable amount of training to do and i had meetings everyday after school except tuesday and friday. except that friday i was leaving to go to california (eek! yay!). i rearranged some things so i could get a two hour ride in tuesday before school (yes, BEFORE school) so no yoga… but let’s start at monday.

monday was great…had a great swim workout with patty and did a speed workout after my meeting. i felt good, tired, but good at the end of the day. i fueled up knowing that tuesday morning was going to be my goliath for the week. if i could do this, i truly felt that maybe i would be able to do this training. i had everything ready downstairs – my bike set up perfectly, table next to the bike, my iPad ready with a podcast and timer and the meditation music, fuel, bottles filled and my breakfast made so i could eat it while riding. not ideal to be eating breakfast while burning breakfast, but i knew it was the only option. and i got up at 4:00, was on the bike at 4:30 on the dot. listened to the rich roll podcast for the first hour and half, then did a meditation (the same one from sunday) for the final 30 minutes. there were definite moments of difficulty but there were far more moments of clarity and peace. i found “it”. i was able to visualize the finish line of both patriot and timberman. i could hear my friends and see them. and then more “it” happened.

i realized that if i could survive this training, all this sacrifice and rearranging and exhaustion, that the race would be a walk in the park. the race is the victory lap for all this mental toughness and physical boundary pushing. and i know i can survive it all. i’ve survived way worse.

once that moment happened, i felt at peace. i was definitely tired on tuesday and took a short nap. but felt fantastic wednesday in the pool. i was hitting and killing all the intervals and didn’t get out of my target heart rate. it was a good workout. then i did a tempo workout and that flew by. it was great to run next to jaye, suzanne and cheryl. the time flew by. i think i’m finally beating the “suck” out of these workouts. my mind can focus yet disappear while doing these things.

then we had 2 snow days! so my week of a packed schedule went away. i was able to get some extra rest in and get my workouts in as well. did my 1:10 trainer ride and 3000 yards in the pool…i feel great.

i’m packed with tons of food and workout clothes and regular clothes in preparation for 5 days in sunny, warm california!! we shall see how the training goes out there, but sean is ready for me to need to do a few workouts. and i can’t wait to run in that sun.


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