i thought it was week 1 awhile ago

this week was truly week 1. i received my plan last week, last sunday to be exact. and i promptly started crying and freaking out. how could i possibly fit all of these workouts in, this must be a mistake, some of these must be optional, i have to work and sleep somewhere. and then…i wrote it all down to sunshine. and she was feeling the same thing and she told me we were just mistaken. so we went and rode our bikes. and then…coach responded with a “all those workouts are real” and then things got real. i wrote everything into my calendar for the month. i thought about my meetings, traveling to cali to see sean…how would i balance it all? i decided to figure out week 1 first. and i did. somehow i got everything done – even with a snowstorm in the middle when the ymca was closed and i had 2 workouts scheduled. i rearranged. i planned. i cooked. i cried. i was tired. i swore. i biked. i ran. i swam. i stretched. i melted. i yogaed. i did my exercises. i rolled. and i was tired. my lunches weren’t planned properly so i was piece-mealing all week. i wasn’t starving but wasn’t thrilled. monday i didn’t eat quickly enough after my run and i quickly deteriorated. same with thursday night, except it wasn’t as bad because i ate plenty during the day. 

yesterday i ran 8 miles in very very cold temperatures. my new shoes were tied too tight. but i felt good during the run and ran with cheryl. i ate well yesterday and did my exercises and made fuel for the week. 

then today happened. and it was beautiful. and wonderful. and i don’t know how to capture it in words. but “it” happened finally on the bike. that thing that happens when i run and swim, when my mind frees itself and nothing matters and my body feels fabulous and time and miles go by and my body is in correct form and it’s wonderful. when it happens when i paint or create stuff i call it “flow” but i’m not sure what the term is in exercise..but it feels the same. and “it” happened today on the bike. walter was great and quickly changed his plan after talking with us and he led a meditation ride. he played this incredible chanting music and told us to breathe deep and look inside. at first i was fidgety and uncomfortable, the queen hurt, my legs felt funny, i couldn’t see my computer or my hr monitor, i was itchy, my shoulders felt funny, what did kate say about tilting my pelvis? or not…and then…all of a sudden i focused on my breath. i slowly breathed into my belly and then out my mouth. and again. and again. and then all of a sudden my eyes were closed and i was riding. i was thinking about timberman – that road, one two one two. breathing. and then i was there. “it” was happening. and my legs stayed at 90 rpm or higher i’m sure. and then 25 minutes had passed and walter was bringing us back. it was incredible.

i was and still am pretty happy. i had a great week of biking. i actually had a great week in all areas. felt great in running and in the pool. 

this week will be a challenge trying to balance a lot of things plus leaving on friday. but i’m psyched for sunshine and warmth and outdoor running and biking! in california! 

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