it’s all about the core…and food (it’s always about food)

this week was a review in my weaknesses. i had my pt assessment this week and was told so many kind (some hysterically funny) things about my body and about the movement of my body. i know you are wondering what things were funny, well, the guy said i was flexible (that made me laugh). he also said that i had “incredible” movement in my arm. he also said that with an increase in core strength i might be “powerful” on the bike. THAT made me laugh. HARD. the good news is that my left leg won’t need to be cut off nor will it hinder me from biking or completing these races. the bad news is my core sucks. big time. doing the exercises for less than 2 minutes i was EXTREMELY fatigued and was exhausted when i got home. that theme of my weaknesses continued. i found myself using my right arm incorrectly in the pool and had to correct that which in turn caused my shoulder to be sore (not pain, just muscle soreness). then i had to run on the dreadmill. ugh. again. two weeks in a row. i’m over it. i can’t think positively about it at all. i try and try and can’t find the silver lining. then went to andy’s class – and had LITERALLY the most frustrating time because i couldn’t engage my core. i knew i needed to but had no idea how to. and even though it sounds as if my week was filled with negativity and frustration – i actually had a fabulous week both in my real life and in my workouts and training. 

and that’s where the food comes in. i was prepared. i had PLENTY of food everyday for everything. i made loads of breads this past weekend to keep me fueled throughout. i also made some protein and nutrient packed lunches so i would stay full. this definitely helped with everything. i have been recording that aspect in order to know what definitely works. and this week food worked well! 

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