this week was all about food

all about food. about fueling. about meals. talking about food. talking about fueling. thinking about food. thinking about fueling. i made some incredible meals, some awesome snacks, some great fuels. and i felt good. well, minus the minor cold, i felt great. both mentally and physically.

i made for my lunches this week seitanic red and white jambalaya from veganomicon. amazing cookbook. i love isa chandra and terry romero. and this food was amazing for lunch. kept me full and it was super healthy. loads of protein, some veggies, some carbs. and serious flavor. i also made orange cranberry walnut bread to eat for lunch. yum! i’m totally into maximizing a meal through the addition of nuts and such – which i never was before. 

i also made last saturday for fuel – raspberry and mint rice cakes and red lentil rice cakes from feed zone portables. another amazing cookbook. these two fuel sources were fantastic on my ride last sunday. i also made cinnamon rolls and pizza rolls from this cookbook. yum. 

lizzie bars were my final fuel food i made. these are based on lara bars, but i just dump all my stuff into my vitamix (i’m spoiled) and make them. these ones had dates, almonds, banana chips and coconut. yum.

i made some tasty perfect dinners too this week. which helped with my moods and workouts. both the action of prepping and cooking this week as well as having delicious meals were a perfect balance. 

i’m feeling really good about everything (this week). very little panic regarding the races. my workouts were perfect (sun: 1:15 ride, mon: 2675 yds in the pool, tues: yoga, wed: 2350 yds & 3 miles on the treadmill, thurs: andy’s class, fri: 45 min on trainer, melt, stretch, sat: 7 miles, sun: 1 hour ride)

I’ve baked and cooked and prepped loads of food again for this week as well as in the future (my freezer is getting more and more full) but i think this prep work and planning will help as the workouts get longer and i get busier.

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