140.6 miles of gratitude

she said make it public. she said think about all the reasons. she said to decide by june. 

so here it is. this summer i am going to complete 70.3 miles of gratitude, twice, which equals 140.6 miles. 

next summer, 2015, i will complete 140.6 miles of gratitude once, all at once. in an ironman. aiming for lake placid. it’s a perfectly timed race in terms of all of my needs. 

and i’m going to do it completely vegan. i don’t want to eat any of the potato chips or soda or chicken broth or chocolate milk. my goal is to complete this incredible journey in the lifestyle that does no harm to animals and keeps my body healthy as well.

and it’s for real now.

1 thought on “140.6 miles of gratitude

  1. Good luck!! 🙂

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