i’m not an athlete…or so i thought. pt.2

as i was saying…

someone had noticed me. jane. and she told me she wanted to see me again. and she promised it would get easier. so i decided i would go again. although that weekend i couldn’t move very well. going up and down stairs was a serious job. my body was so sore. but i went back. and it wasn’t easy, it was easier, i think. and i kept going. every tuesday and thursday at 5:45. 

then i met someone. no this isn’t a story about love. it’s a story about someone who told me the truth. we were discussing all the adventures he had had and all the traveling he had done. and he asked me where i had gone – and i had nothing to say, nothing to share. i told him all the places and things i would love to do. and he asked me why i hadn’t done any of them. and i was filled with excuses. and he told me stop the excuses and start checking things off my bucket list.

so i went home and wrote a bucket list. the “cheapest” thing on my bucket list – run a marathon. so i figured 2012 would be the year i figured out how to run. i thought to myself i probably wouldn’t be able to run a marathon for a few years, but could at least begin now. and i did. i started running. and that was awful. while it was happening i kept thinking about all the other things i was going to do once i finished. but once i was done, my brain felt good. i even felt that runner’s high. and i did a 5k within the first month. and then in march i did a 10k. and i signed up for the worcester half marathon. that was scary. but i figured i didn’t like to waste money and if all else failed, i could walk it or just walk home (haha). i told jane about these plans. jane loved it all and was so supportive. (i made some other lifestyle changes as well, but that’s for a different time). and then jane suggested i join a running team – what?! me?! i am so not a joiner. i never belonged to anything other than women’s issue groups and art clubs in college. i laughed at her, but contacted the coach that night. he responded and told me to come the next day. and i went. and we ran. i wasn’t sure of this group – the girls talked a ton, they ran really fast and i felt fat. but i went back. and kept going back. 

and i ran a half marathon. i did it. wow.

and then i registered for a full marathon. WHAT?! i know. i know. i registered for a full marathon.

and then in october 2012. i ran a full marathon. well, i completed a full marathon. i ran and i walked. i talked and i ate. i cried a lot. but i did it. and it was amazing.

so i guess i am an athlete. in 2013, i ran 5 half marathons, did a sprint triathlon, an olympic triathlon, did 2 relay triathlons (both swimming) and ran a full marathon. holy moly. that sounds crazy. and real. 

and along the way – i’ve lost over 75 pounds, become a vegan, both of my parents have gone vegan, i’m no longer depressed, i have a healthy coping skill, i have loads of amazing friends and i’m happy.

so i’m not an athlete…i’m a happy person which sounds way better. 

1 thought on “i’m not an athlete…or so i thought. pt.2

  1. Dear Athlete
    Dear Happy Person
    Dear Happy Athlete
    Dear Athletic Happy Person

    Hmmm….I am very confused!!

    Dear Lizzie,

    Yes, I think that encapsulates it all 🙂

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