Community Building

I haven’t shared a lot about school, education, or coaching lately. So this post is all about one of the most fun-filled, love-filled, and helpful professional development opportunities I’ve facilitated and experienced.

The entire premise of this PD offering was centered on Community. It is titled Community and Relationship Co-Creation in Virtual, Hybrid and In person spaces. The content of this PD was around community, while we experienced co-creating and building a community together.

In this post I’m going to share the slides from each session and then the resources and reflection methodology. This is seriously a PD I hope I am able to facilitate again because it’s been so fun to plan and such a fun time with folx. I’m not going to go through and tell you step by step what we did – the slides basically do that. If you have questions – reach out!

Session 1: Who You Are Matters

Resources for Session 1:

Sharing Our Identities by Jess Lifshitz

Participants also created Identity Webs from Sarah Ahmed’s book Being the Change and shared them in a shared Google Slideshow. They had options of using Lucidchart, using the Slides shapes, Canva, drawing it out and taking a picture and inserting or any other way that worked for them.

Reflection Tool for Session 1:

Session 2: Intentional Community

Resources For Session 2:

Chapter 2 from Culturally Relevant Teaching and the Brain by Zaretta Hammond

Reflection for Session 2: We used a Padlet to reflect as a community after the session and engagement with the resources.

Session 3: Building Trust

Resources for Session 3: There was choice here – folx needed to engage in resources that seemed most relevant to them – the only requirement was for everyone to engage with the microaggression video and the article “Take Your Hood Off”

On Feedback and Love by Cornelius Minor

Building Brave Spaces with Lamar Timmons-Long

How to Talk Taboo Topics with Young Students by Liz Kleinrock

Building Trust with Challenging Conversations

Take Your Hood Off and Other MicroAggressions

Reflection for Session 3: This reflection we used Flipgrid. Participants had to reflect on the session and the resources they engaged with.

Session 4: Microaggressions, Bias, and Trust

Resources for Session 4: Participants needed to engage in 2 resources along with the Troublemakers podcast.

What I Hear When You Say

Creating a Learning Environment Where All Kids Feel Valued

When SEL is Used as Another Form of Policing

How to Deal with Troublemakers

The Value and Inequity of Identity Work with Minjung Pai and Cornelius Minor

Reflection for Session 4: This reflection was a stretch for folks. I had folx respond to the person above and below their slides in the identity maps. This was tricky but pushed folx to really look at the maps and make connections.

Session 5: SEL

Resources for Session 5: Folx were to engage in two of the written resources and one video.

Goodbye Clipcharts, Marble Jars, and Stickers for Behavior by Kristi Mraz

Confronting Our Beliefs about Poverty and Discipline by Edward Fergus

Trauma Informed Teaching from a Trauma Informed Student by Heidi Allum

Mindfulness Won’t Save Us. Fixing the System Will.

Reflection for Session 5: Folx had a choice of reflecting in whatever way was best for them – Jamboard, Slides, Written, Artwork.

Session 6: Intentional Inclusivity

There were no resources for this session. Participants had to create something and review the Consultancy Protocol in preparation for the next session.

Session 7: Consultancy Protocol

Resources for Session 7:

Teaching Isn’t Managing Behavior

What If We Radically Reimagined the New York?

Reflection for Session 7: Participants were to revise their creations based on the protocol feedback.

Session 8 Happens on Monday so I’ll share all of that then!

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