the year ahead

if 2015 was the year of failure, goodness i hope that 2016 brings me more failures. 🙂 in all honesty as i look forward it’s actually kind of strange that i don’t have this giant looming scare the bejesus out of me goal in front of me as i have in the past 5 years. divorce, movement, marathon, half ironman, ironman. what else could i possibly do that could “out do” those things. and i guess what i’ve learned is that nothing can outdo those things and that’s ok. for now i’m focusing on me and feeding my soul with whatever it cries for. i’m treating my inner self as an infant, when it cries “i need more art” “i need more people” “i need more yoga” “i need more alone time” “i need to run” – i’m listening and feeding it as such. and so. here’s my resolutions/goals/aspirations for my year (and as always they aren’t the “lose ten pounds” kind of things, but vaguer, airier, more spiritual)

  • Listen more. To myself, to my little voice, to my soul and to others. I don’t need to speak as much as I do. I need to listen to what people are REALLY saying even when they don’t say the words.
  • Be open. To myself, to others, to experiences that I normally might say no to. Be open to whatever life brings in that moment.
  • Be aware. Aware of the moment – what is really happening and how to do the thing that feels right.
  • Patience. Small, tiny steps forward – small, tiny steps backwards. It’s the dance of life. Patience will bring me exactly where I need to be.
  • Love more. Express the love you feel for people more freely without fear.

And just as I have for the past few years I am striving for continued health, better communication and happiness.

So after i create a list of aspirations, i of course need to create an action plan so how do i intend to do these things? meditation, meditation, meditation. if people thought i was pushy about being vegan, i may be pushier about meditation. ha. to be honest though, incorporating meditation has changed my life and i am going to continue on that path. i’m also going to continue making prints every morning, i’m enjoying the spontaneity of creating so early in the morning and love the amount of art i have created in such a short time.

so as you know, i’m single. and i love being single. and. i have hopes of having a family eventually and want to have a partner to do it with. so i have joined and as much i want to share every nitty-gritty detail on my blog, i feel like i should have some privacy in that regards. so. my actionable steps in being open to new experiences and also to love more is by being on i will expand on this in the future- mainly because it’s sort of a comical experience.

but as we all begin 2016 (which will take me almost till july to write the correct year on anything) what sorts of things are you hoping to do? what lofty scary things do you have planned for yourself? listen to your soul – is it screaming, is it whispering? listen to it and feed it.

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