2015 – A Year of Failure

2015 started off with a bang. I ran an amazingly fast 5k and hit every goal i had set immediately. then things quickly went downhill.

i struggled with my brain.

i struggled with races (new bedford half).

i struggled with riding my bike.

i fell hard twice on my bike. once hard enough to keep me off for awhile.

i wasn’t able to complete the bike loop in lake placid on a training weekend.

i failed to complete imlp.

i spent the remainder of my summer on my stomach staying off my tailbone and pelvis.

i failed at my relationship.

now you must be thinking. this doesn’t seem like the lizzie i’m used to.

this isn’t the kind of thinking she normally has.

except it is. and all of these failures have taught me so much. and i am so grateful for all of these failures. they have brought me to places inside of me that i never dreamed of reaching. they’ve shown me what i’m actually ACTUALLY made of. not what i think i’m made of.

the reality is 2015 was an amazing year through and through. training for imlp was so hard, so raw, so real and so beautiful. my friendships grew deeper, my trust in myself expanded exponentially and my reality is so grounded now. the end of my relationship wasn’t devastating but expanded my reality even further and demonstrated the trust i had built in myself.

and i love LOVE looking back on things and seeing how far i’ve come…here are some of my favorite moments from 2015. (tomorrow i’ll post what kinds of things i’m looking forward to in 2016).

unfortunately i can’t post a picture of my favorite moment(s) – the addition of meditation. these moments have strengthened every part of my being. that and the love of my tribe.


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