Day 17!

Recently i became single again. after having been married for years, going through a divorce and finding love again i was convinced that this person was it. i also often joked that i just would never be with anyone else after s. when s left and after the sadness subsided, i realized i had been given a gift. i wouldn’t have to spend the rest of my life with a person who wasn’t capable of loving me or that our values and expectations didn’t really match at all. in that past month i’ve felt more alive than i’ve felt in a long time. i was certainly not unhappy or miserable with s but there was something lacking certainly. my wings have been released and i feel open to so much. although the thought of dating makes my stomach turn at the moment, i actually am looking forward to finding a partner that feels more simpatico, in tune with me.  and as selfish and ego-driven as it is, the thought of being alone forever is equally stomach turning. but for now, i’m enjoying this single life.

i am grateful for being single. it is such a freeing experience right now.

what in your life feels like a burden or curse that can teach you something?

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