Day 5!

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. This is one of my major priorities no matter what else is happening in my life. I personally need a solid 7-7.5 hours in order to be human, while more than 8 hours turns me into a zombie as well. I am quite the creature of habit in most aspects of my life but my sleep patterns and nightly routine are a habit that helps tremendously.

So, obviously i’m grateful for a good night’s sleep – which i get most nights. I’m going to share with you my “goodnight” routine and hopefully it helps you. When I start to get tired, no matter what time it is, but definitely not later than 8:15 if it’s a school night (things get a bit more gray on non-school nights, but i do try to keep to my routine on weekends because it does help) i clean my face and fill my diffuser with lavender oil and water. i get into my pjs (if i’m not already! ha) and turn on my music. i have a playlist of about 2 hours worth of meditation music – nature sounds, classical music. and then i get into bed. sometimes i’ll read a bit in bed but normally the music and the diffuser make my eyelids heavy and i’m out.

i spent a fair amount of my teenage years and my twenties NOT sleeping or sleeping very poorly. this led or at least contributed greatly to my depression, weight gain and general malaise in my life. a good night’s sleep is my saving grace.

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