3 months after

today marks 3 months since imlp. a wonderful, remarkable, heartbreakingly amazing day. i learned so much about myself that day that i have been able to carry with me these few months. i’ve been trying to figure out “what’s next” in all aspects of my life. i’ve started a new job that is challenging and incredible everyday. i’ve focused on my meditation practice and have grown to love my early morning silence sitting. i’ve thought about maybe a running race in the spring and maybe a long distance swim or two in the summer – but those things aren’t set in stone. i’m now single and am going through life without a companion or partner. i don’t know “what’s next” but i do know that i want to return to writing and practicing my art in a more diligent and outward way. so to return to my “roots” as a blogger i’m starting my #31daysofgratitude for november. noticing and acknowledging publicly all the grace and beauty within my life always grounds me back to reality and the goodness. as i enter the holiday season that is filled with all sorts of stress and commercial greed, i want to enter the season realizing the true reasons for living – my family, my friends, the peace i have fostered and the love that surrounds me everyday.

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