progress is progress no matter how small

so i obviously haven’t written since my fall and subsequent difficult decision to not do quassy. i’ve been going to physical therapy and feeling better and better. i was given free reign on swimming which i’ve taken advantage of big time by swimming as much as i can. last week i swam inside a few times and outside. i even was able to wrangle up jas and swim with him at the pond!IMG_8035

it’s always nice to swim with jas because he pushes me and always gives me advice on swimming or life in general.

on saturday i went out with the ladies to comet pond and swam again. we got in a mile and it was absolutely perfect outside. i felt amazing and decided that i’d be back the following day to do my longest swim ever.



so coach k met me on sunday with her paddle board and i swam. my plan was to do the perimeter of the pond. i wasn’t expecting much honestly. and my estimation of my swim in lake placid was a hopeful hour and a half. i was thinking i’d really have to push it to do that too. so i swam and coach k paddled. i watched out for fishermen and their lines. i swam around and across a few times. i stopped and chatted. i never “needed” to stop. i felt strong. in the end i swam 2.7 miles and the actual time out (with all the chatting was about an hour and 45 minutes) but the moving time was 1:22!! An hour and twenty two minutes!! whoa. this eased my mind completely about lake placid. with an extra 10 minutes in my pocket (or more) the bike didn’t seem as overwhelmingly impossible.


also on tap this past weekend was a 15 minute trainer ride. yes. 15 minutes. doesn’t seem like much at all. but when i was given that by my physical therapist i almost kissed her! and 15 minutes felt amazing. no pain afterwards either!

so on monday when i returned to pt and i felt incredible about the progress that had been made. i was also trying hard to be calm in case i wasn’t given a total green light.

and then… i was given the gift of a 20 minute run. and an hour bike ride. neither seem like much at all. but i was soooo happy. the idea was to swim in the morning, run at night, bike in the morning then go back to pt.

this morning though was a bit of a mess and i woke up later than i wanted. so i didn’t swim. then i spent the day sitting at a meeting. when i went to run i was so pumped. i melted, i did my pt exercises, i started my watch and went out. i planned to run around my streets, loops so in case i had pain i wasn’t too far away. and off i went. halfway through my knee started bugging me. it wasn’t the worst it’s ever been. but i freaked out a bit. and i walked home with tears in my eyes and my spirit somewhat damaged. i was frustrated. i did my pt exercises again. and tried to calm down. s said to me that maybe i was over thinking it all. so after 15 minutes in the house, i went back out. i ran for another 10 minutes with no pain. and my mind eased up again. it’s the cobwebs and stiffness coming off.

i’m looking forward to riding outside tomorrow morning. fingers crossed for more progress.

and i’ve been thinking about the entirety of lake placid and it does seem silly to do so – but i’ve been visualizing the course and how it will feel everywhere. what i will focus on in times of struggle and where my strength will come from. this time “off” has strengthened my mind – maybe more so than the actual training. there are moments that i get nervous that this time off will be bad, but then i know in my heart and in my mind that it’s going to be just fine. i’ve been feeding myself whole foods and focusing on the best foods for my body and spirit. and this is all just part of my journey.

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