so many things.

so i have been thinking about writing since my last post. truly. and i can give you excuse after excuse. i’ve been busy (not true), have felt like i have nothing to say (not true), nothing has been happening (not true)…but the truth is, i’ve lacked the motivation to actually write.

i’ve thought about writing about my nutrition, about the changes in my body, about accepting where i am everyday, about mental toughness….

the weather has sucked which has aided my recovery and rest but it’s also aiding my lack of motivation. there is a reality within history that during the winter animals, plants and humans rest more. so i’ve been attempting to go with my how i feel and rest when i need to.

that certainly doesn’t mean i haven’t been getting my workouts in. i’ve hit my stride. i feel good riding, running and swimming. i’ve incorporated more yoga and stretching within my life as well. i’ve felt great within my long runs, swimming is lovely and biking is well biking – hard yet so wonderful in the hardness. the hardness is what makes it great.

this past sunday i had a 3:15 ride on tap. over the past 2 months i have had company riding and that has been nice. but sunday there was another storm and folks couldn’t make it. and i woke up exhausted. so i slept awhile longer. i knew that i had to do this ride and hopped on around 1:15. hopped might be a stretch. this ride was already daunting. so i got onto keke and started. the timer was set with the intervals. without that timer i would let myself off the hook. and i rode. s was on the couch motivating me but i was deep in my head. at an hour i wanted to get off but i pushed on. i focused on those circles. i thought of those hills. i breathed in the parts that weren’t serving me. at hour 2 things were tricky. i kept fueling. and stayed focused. this was hard. and i kept saying it was hard, which made it hard. at the end of this particular ride coach k had added some significant difficult intervals, 15 seconds hard, 45 seconds easy for 5 minutes. this brought me to tears not because i was in pain – i was able to push through and make those intervals and get through this ride.

and i can say without a doubt that the meditation addition to my life has helped tremendously through the hard.

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