so i’ve been feeling aimless, anxious and a little bit over it all. i’ve actually been doing not enough moving, not enough eating amazing food, not enough of anything good for my soul. and i’ve been thinking. thinking about the origins of this blog, of why i felt the need to share publicly any of this. and then i remembered really why i started. gratitude. it wasn’t about the races or being vegan or about being public. it was a celebration of all the amazing things in my life that surround me every day. those tiny things, those big things that make my life incredible and make me so happy to be alive. gratitude. and i realized i needed to spend some more time counting my blessings. and then it was my birthday. so it had been over a year since i started my 30 days of gratitude or #30daysofgratitude. and now this week i turned 31. so it seems that it’s only necessary that i begin again. and yes it’s a few days late in terms of publicity, but i don’t think that gratitude is ever “late”.

so here begins 31 days of gratitude (because of course! i’m 31 and october has 31 days in it…and i received my base building plan on day 1)

so, day 1: i am so grateful for the pool. it clears my head and rejuvenates my soul like nothing else can.

day 2:  i am grateful for a fabulous night’s sleep that allows me to awaken before the alarm and bask in the wonder of my life.

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