big announcement. gulp.


so. i’ve known for awhile that i was interested in doing a full ironman. and this season was focused on doing half ironman races. one for practice, one that would have all the “stuff” in place. and overall, i think i was pretty successful. no i certainly wasn’t fast in the least, honestly, i’m pretty slow, always worried that i’m going to miss the cutoff times for the bike and the run legs. but my goals were never to win my age group or to podium in any aspect. that would just be delusional. doing these races, my goals were to do them vegan with homemade fuel without having to use fuel on the course that went against my current lifestyle. that doesn’t seem like a huge lofty goal – but when the time of training, the sacrifices you make in order to get enough rest or recovery in, it would be way easier to just go to the store and buy some gu’s or bonkbreakers and call it a day. so i reached my goals and am pretty proud of myself. i did two half ironman races in 8 weeks, all while keeping my goals in sights and tweaking my nutrition as needed and fine tuning and honing in on what i would need at timberman. i certainly had loads of help from my coach and my friends in terms of figuring out the best way to reach these goals. so now that i’ve reached my current goals – here’s my new one.

a full ironman. 140.6 miles. next july. in lake placid. when i was up watching jas, i was still contemplating and debating and convincing myself, and i did it. i signed up. i have a hotel room. i have the logistics figured out for the most part (which is always the most stressful for me).

and yes i’m nervous. i’m scared. i’m overwhelmed by this decision. i have no idea what to expect really.

and that’s why i must do it. i no longer can be afraid of the unknown. i can’t avoid life because i don’t have the minutia planned out.

i let go on those hills returning to transition in timberman. i am letting go of expectations and pressure through this process. i’m open to journey and looking forward to the bumps and the complete joy i will find.

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