taper time for timberman

although it seems (especially based on my lack of writing) that patriot just occurred…it is now taper time for timberman. i’ve been incredibly busy this summer with camp and training (read: leaving the house at 4:30 am returning at 8:00 pm or later!)
the training for timberman was no different than patriot, a hard balancing act, sometimes so hard mentally that i thought it was silly i was trying to do a second half iron in this time period, but also so joyous and fruitful that i couldn’t imagine not doing this distance again.
the most difficult part of the training this time around has been ingesting enough food. being at camp is complicated, it’s a long day, and less time for me to eat. i also am not supposed to bring food in, i do, but it’s challenging. the dining hall makes lunch for us – which somedays they don’t follow the menu they’ve put out for the week and eating white pasta and canned sauce just isn’t enough for me. i had to front load in the morning and back load in the evening (is that even a saying?) to ensure that i wasn’t losing weight or not fueling enough in order to avoid injury or fatigue. some days the workouts just couldn’t happen due to the heat or the stress from the day. so that’s all my negativity toward the training.
the most joyous parts of training have been swimming in walden pond. i feel like a “real athlete” there. i am able to swim comfortably without fear of anything (judgment, speed, looks, make believe sharks, boats, etc.) i love being in concord in the summer. i have found trails with friends that are a little slice of heaven to run through. biking around in the mornings when all the other cyclists speed by make me realize how far i’ve come there too. i’m not always getting passed or ignored – now cyclists actually say hello. i have realized that i can “do it all” – camp, training, eating, the boy, friends. the balance is still tricky but i have been able to figure it out with minor hiccups along the way.
and now i’m tapering. i’ve been off of work for a little over a week now. it’s funny how easy the training is now (last week was my final build week) when all i have to do is a 2:30 hour run and some dishes. i rode the timberman course on sunday with jaye and jas (jas was our sherpa) and it was marvelous. coming into this taper, i’m feeling healthy, strong, mentally sharp and very positive. my fueling has become focused and distinct. i have a great plan in place and so far it’s been very positive. (more on the fueling on a later post).
and i’ve been doing yoga again. walter has begun teaching again. this is my bliss. this is where i return to my center, become realigned and can reenter the world in a better place. it is such a gift to have yoga in my life.

i keep returning to this. it is truly my motto.
i keep returning to this. it is truly my motto.

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