here we go…or at least here i go…

i’ve had a lot of time off. not just off of work, but also out of training. i took about 6 weeks off after philly (marathon). i have been swimming – never really took time off there, still have been doing intense workouts there. and have been on my trainer – riding, trying to beat the boredom and get into a rhythm, mindless, yet focused. the trainer will be my goliath. but now i’m coming back. i had my meeting. i have a goal. i have my focus. i put my workouts into my calendar for the coming month with some wiggle room for this coming week then i will be able to know exactly what i want and need to do. i put in my long runs and long rides until march. putting it into the calendar didn’t overwhelm me at all. it actually calmed my nerves. oh yeah. i’m doing a half ironman in june. and then another in august. i’ve only done 2 triathlons in my life. and one was a sprint. one was an olympic and i struggled on the bike in the olympic. like really struggled. but i have a good bike fit. i know why my hip (really a few smaller muscles in my quad)  bothered/bothers me. i’m honestly not as scared as i was. still scared. but i know this is important. important to me for so many different reasons.

here are my reasons for wanting/needing to do a half ironman:

– proving i can do it as a vegan

– the challenge of doing it

– chasing the demons away

– someone not athletic at all can actually do something major like this


those things don’t seem all that important. but the demons being chased and being able to do it as a vegan are really important to me. i want to know how far my body can be pushed. and it’s been pushed pretty far in other areas, mostly negative ways – i want to push my body into a positive realm. 

so starting this week – i am in training, well not really training, more a foundational training. get myself strong, mentally and physically. get my food right. get my fueling right. get the balance of life right. increase workouts. increase recovery. specific recovery. 

2 thoughts on “here we go…or at least here i go…

  1. you inspire me! I love that you consider yourself non-athletic. you sound like an athlete to me! can you help me get my butt in gear this summer?

    1. Sure! And I’m certainly not really athletic in the typical sense of the word. Every one needs a goal. And you can work towards that!

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