people hate my sentimentality. some people hate how sensitive i am. some people hate how positive i am. they find these things about me annoying and possibly forced. i will admit it, i sometimes hate me too. i hate it when people are all sunshines and rainbows all the time. but i also hate the opposite even more. i hate it when people can’t find the silver lining, the goodness. and if you know me at all, you know it hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows for all that long. and i don’t want to lose it. i don’t want to end up deep in that cavern of depression, where nothing can get me out. so i don’t make resolutions of losing weight or quitting this or quitting that. i try to add things to my life or continue the goodness. i got into an argument with the boy the other morning regarding my new years resolutions. he felt that i couldn’t have the same resolutions as last year and that i couldn’t have continuation things. i disagreed wholeheartedly. i feel that a resolution is just resolving to do something, it’s a decision to act. and i spend a lot of time planning and thinking, i know i need to do more action. 

so. here’s my 2014 resolution list. 

Look forward. People’s responses to you and the things you do are not the same as those you have already experienced. In other words, your life is not the same life filled with the same toxic people, so stop worrying about what your friends, family and loved ones will say/react/do to the things that make you happy. 

Continued health, positive relationships and happiness. This is the one that the boy thought didn’t count. But I feel that keeping this on my list makes it a priority. And this is a number one priority to me, as selfish as it is. 

Patience and compromise within growth and change. The boy is to move in in the summer. I am planning on doing 2 half ironmans (ironmen?). These things will need some serious patience and compromise. 

These things are enough. 2013 was one of the most amazing and incredible years of my life. It was filled with so many great things with friends, family and loved ones. I did some things that I never thought imaginable. I also have found myself – I wasn’t even sure who I was before, and now I’m pretty confident with all my quirks and special needs. I was also fully committed to being vegan (no small bites or tastes of anything) and I also had my healthiest year of my life. It was an awesome year and I’m looking forward to this coming year. 


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