Today is for Summer Fenn Day Camp. Although David Plattalmost didn’t hire me originally (I don’t interview well AT ALL.), he did end up hiring me and SF has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my attitude. SF introduced me to some incredible, amazing people Caroline PaddenSean WrightBeth Johns-ThomasErica Kestenbaum Skoglund to name just a few and trust me there are so many more!! SF has shown me how to live the SFW, how to be truly kind to everyone, how to pay it forward in every area of my life, to make the best of any situation (liquid sunshine baby!) and how a community is supposed to be. SF may just be 4-8 weeks of my summer and I def complain a lot about it leading up to it due to my crazy schedule and it def changes my life drastically while I’m there but it’s so worth all of it. humba humba! #30daysofgratitude #day18 #summerfenn#humbahumba

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  1. Love the positive attitude! I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Here is the information:


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