I approach the abandoned building

A lasting remnant of what had long stood for excellence

The flag pole outside empty

Nothing waving in the wind

Who decided that a piece of fabric would demonstrate ownership or allegiance

I pull open the door

Mask over my face

Protects both me and the space itself

The familiar smoldering

The crackling of flames

The burning of




We have forgotten about these entities

We once held so dear, so protected

Our learning no longer belongs to these structures

It belongs to the Earth

To our spirits

To our collective

The burning doesn’t scare me as it used to

When I held the gasoline can

I no longer fear the smell permeating my nose, my clothes, my being

The memory no longer keeps me awake

Ripping me from my slumber

I rest easy now

Knowing we are no longer tied to these spaces

These places

These structures

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