Last school year I facilitated a yearlong professional development. This was meant for teachers in their beginning years in the profession, but specifically for teachers in their 2nd year. In your first year of teaching you have a mentor but your second year often your mentor disappears. This PD was intentionally structured to build community amongst teachers. Below is the description that was shared to teachers. Each month we met in person (and once virtually) and did some kind activity. We also had an optional movement time – where we went on walks and chatted together and an optional online platform. I am sharing below the slides from each session (except the last one). Each of the resources came from the Onward the book website.

This Professional Development was focused on building capacity and community through the use of the text Onward by Elena Aguilar. This book has a monthly reading that follows the flow and cycles of the schoolyear. The group will review and explore the readings; spend time building connections and community through creating, movement, and getting to know each other; have an online forum to expand the group’s options of communication. The group will meet monthly with optional online forum support and an optional monthly activity.

September – Build Community

October – Be Here Now

November – Take Care of Yourself

January – Cultivate Compassion

February – Be a Learner

March – Play and Create

March was the last formal session we had. It was actually the last time we were in the school building. We sat and drew and did puzzles and asked each other questions.

In June we met virtually and did some reflection together. I can’t find the questions or the slides I used to facilitate.

This school year we are going to do it again, except folx who participated this past year will participate again with a new group of teachers, building our community of collective care.

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