How do we dream when the unknown is occurring?

The human cost of this virus is weighing on me and I am feeling all the things. I am struggling in many ways. I know that it’ll be ok even if ok isn’t what I currently know or understand. The unknown is always a reality. The imagination is a necessary piece of reality and overcoming the unknown. The structure and system of reality eases my mind while also frustrating and harming. This new ok feels unsteady and uneasy. The possibility is also so rich and juicy. The work towards care and love I am seeing lightens me. Coming together to be love lightens the fear. The use of fear and chaos is a tool that inhibits us all in this time to fully dream and imagine.

Slow down, breathe deeply, ground yourself.

It’ll be ok even if ok isn’t what I currently know or understand. 

*The title of this piece comes from Cornelius Minor.

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