morning pages

I write every morning. Not publicly, but three pages of long form, non edited, straight from my brain output. It is something I learned from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron – the practice is called Morning Pages. It is not art, it is not beautiful, it is just a practice. It clears the dust from my head, it allows me to complain for three pages about the annoyances of the day, it is me thrashing into each day. The practice has allowed for greater peace, greater creativity, and a deeper understanding of myself. I don’t reread the pages until the end of the year, when I skim through the 12 or so journals filled and see the thrashing, see the beauty, see the connections.  Each day within the three pages is a little different, except the end. The end is always the same. 

be filled with love

be filled with curiosity

be filled with acceptance

be filled with patience

hope is a discipline

be open to the abundance

i am the priority 

be a vault 


create the space

love hard

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