2017: Trusting the Leap


If you don’t know this about me, I’m not someone who believes in “new year, new me” AND I love “ends” and “beginnings” – so the New Year is a perfect place for me to reflect. I’ve talked about it here and here and here and here. 2017 was a year of continued work. My goals were the same as 2016:

  • Listen more. To myself, to my little voice, to my soul and to others. I don’t need to speak as much as I do. I need to listen to what people are REALLY saying even when they don’t say the words.
  • Be open. To myself, to others, to experiences that I normally might say no to. Be open to whatever life brings in that moment.
  • Be aware. Aware of the moment – what is really happening and how to do the thing that feels right.
  • Patience. Small, tiny steps forward – small, tiny steps backwards. It’s the dance of life. Patience will bring me exactly where I need to be.
  • Love more. Express the love you feel for people more freely without fear

And yes. 2017 was quite possibly my greatest personal and professional year ever. Politically – well that’s quite different.

This year I’ve written more than ever – I started the year digging into The Artist’s Way which led me to focus on my own creativity and my own fears. And due to the work I was engaging in each day, I leapt. I put in a proposal to have a solo show at ArtsWorcester – and then I was accepted to be in a 3 person collage show! Which blew my mind and still blows my mind. 10 of my daily collages are up (6 months!) in a real gallery. There was a real opening and I did 2 artist talks – which is just crazy that I was able to talk about my art and my process – and people listened. Whoa. I started another blog – this one is focused on my classroom and my teaching, a place for reflection and transparency and sharing.

This year I’ve made more art than ever and it’s way more successful looking than my previous years’ work! The collages have been so much fun to make and to see the evolution. I’ve used so much stuff that I’d been saving for someday and that someday came and created some beautiful work.

I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with some incredible educators through presenting and going to conferences – NAEA, MAEA, UDL Symposium, SCAD Educator Forum, TCRWP Social Justice Workshop, and HGSE Delving into Dialogue. My educator sphere has been expanded and is such a fulfilling part of my life. My educator life within Worcester continues to strengthen and my tribe is so amazing.

Beyond all these tangible successes, my life’s path has come to some amazing clarity. I have done some hard work figuring out what I should do and what I am going to do. This hard work has come through daily dedicated meditation; writing of 3 pages every morning; a month of Peaceful Warrior experience; hard shamanic work; and firewalking. All of these things I will write about in the new year.

I’ve known for years that I should move out of this house – it IS going to happen in 2018. I’ve known for years that social justice work is important to me – focusing heavily on this and finding some venues for this work to expand IS going to happen in 2018. Sharing my work in education and supporting educators has been something that feeds my soul – and it WILL continue and expand in 2018. And all of that sounds so vague but there’s much to come in 2018.

But I do want to share what my plans are for 2018, because sharing them creates them. What we think, becomes.

  • Minimize (my belongings, my footprint, my debt, my desires)
  • Sell my house
  • Write more (more writing on this blog!)
  • Travel intentionally
  • Expand my educator tribe through support and sharing

So what does this all mean anyways? All of these will be explored transparently through this blog this year. When I started this blog a few years ago, I was writing and sharing, it changed to being a place of sharing only my art, and it’s going to swing back into being a place of writing and sharing. My hope is to post 3 times a week.

What do you want to hear about? What would you like me to explore? 

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