Feedback: Top 3 Methods for Me (so far)

So we all know that feedback is so vital for student learning and growth – and yet it is so difficult to really do it well. The most effective feedback is specific and timely – which becomes tricky when you are thinking about the variability within your classrooms as what exactly specific might mean for a student and how timely is timely. I struggle with how to give feedback effectively. I have tried a number of tools and techniques but I’m going to share my top 3 feedback methods.

Verbal in the Moment Specific

This is the “easiest” in that when I see something that needs to be corrected or shifted or a student is asking for help – I verbally respond quickly in that moment, either giving examples or demonstrating, or not. This happens quite literally thousands of times per day and is pretty effective. This is not bulletproof and oftentimes feedback isn’t specific enough or vague or I haven’t checked in with everyone and students are missed.

The Feedback Board


This was something I implemented last year with my Foundations of Art students. They were required to fill out 2 feedback slips a week – answering their choice of questions and putting them into their slot on the feedback board. I would read them and respond in writing and return them in their slot. Initially I thought this would be unwieldy and time consuming but it wasn’t – the students were completing them on different days and it was actually something I looked forward to read and respond to. Students also found it really helpful to be able to “have a voice” and specifically identify their struggles or successes – and they LOVED getting a response.

Peer to Peer Feedback


This may be a cop out since the feedback isn’t coming from me – but truly I think the moment that students are looking for honest, authentic feedback from each other and giving each other honest, authentic feedback, I have done my job. I can step back and see that the skills they have learned and practiced are now being put into action.

What ways do you give feedback and model feedback so students can become independent?

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