2016 – Looking Back and Moving Forward

so i haven’t done a ton of writing on the blog this year – i HAVE done a ton of writing though. as i look back on the year and look at what my goals were (Check it out here if you want to read the full post)

  • Listen more. To myself, to my little voice, to my soul and to others. I don’t need to speak as much as I do. I need to listen to what people are REALLY saying even when they don’t say the words.
  • Be open. To myself, to others, to experiences that I normally might say no to. Be open to whatever life brings in that moment.
  • Be aware. Aware of the moment – what is really happening and how to do the thing that feels right.
  • Patience. Small, tiny steps forward – small, tiny steps backwards. It’s the dance of life. Patience will bring me exactly where I need to be.
  • Love more. Express the love you feel for people more freely without fear

I realize that I have worked so hard at these and lived so fully this year. Without having a some ginormous goal in mind as I began 2016 – these vague, very open goals were scarier. There wasn’t some “easy” checklist available for me to complete or any linear approach to these. But goodness, 2016 was so full – so full of beauty, so full of love, so full of happiness, so full of growth.

And I did everything – EVERYTHING I wanted to do and so much more. And although this may be super boring for some people, it’s really nice for me to remember the big things that I did or experienced.

  • Travelled (a lot) : San Francisco, Hawaii, Portland Maine, Vermont, Chicago
  • Dated: Did the online dating thing and met incredibly interesting people that taught me a lot about who I want to be in a relationship and who I want to be in a relationship with
  • Created: I made more art this year than I ever have in my life
  • Daily Practice: meditated every day, wrote every day, made a print every day
  • Said No to things that didn’t feel right
  • Said Yes to things that felt wonderful
  • 3 Huge Weddings: Cheryl, Lauren and My Brother all got married!
  • Grew more fully into who I want to be forever
  • Voted for a woman in an election
  • Got some help with major life goals that I’ve talked about doing, now I’m doing, not talking

2017 should be another year of growth – as every year, every day should be. And I’m setting up my life for the life I want to live – actions, small daily actions. And my goals from 2016 will carry on. There is no need to change them – listening is so key and being mindful of what I am hearing.

I bought this cool planner that has all these interesting questions and mind maps. I’ve been using it for 2 months and love it. I’ve managed to get things done that I’ve talked about doing for way too long. This was a first step.

I am doing “The Artist’s Way” book – morning pages and artist dates. More intentional practice into unearthing who I am supposed to be. I am going to continue my daily art making practice but moving into a daily collage rather than print. I am working my way through my belongings using the Marie Kondo method and really minimizing my things and organizing it all so I can use things and find the joy. I am minimizing my paper use in the house – I made cloth napkins and “paper less” towels for the kitchen. Making some hankies and some other cloth household things in order to minimize my paper use. I’m excited about this.

I am also making a commitment to myself. I need to commit to some movement – it helps my brain and my body. So I’m committing to a day of yoga, a day of strength and swimming and a run. It’s not too much – and I need to commit to myself.

As we begin another year that could have many very new, very controversial, very tumultuous events and energy spiraling around – I want to share some of my favorite moments (I also wanted to share all of my prints in a cool video, but apparently 365 images is too much for many of the free video/slideshow makers.)

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