4 years..I love milestones

tomorrow is my vegeversary. i love milestones. i love making up new words to attach to anniversary to create a new holiday or celebration day. and tomorrow is as important to me as a birthday or the new year. maybe more important. it was the beginning of the rest of my life. i had no idea that the simple change (ha, simple…yet so complex) of cutting out animal products for just 28 days would do to and for my life.

so let’s do a quick walk down memory lane….

i agreed to go vegan with my friend kim because she wanted to try it. i watched the necessary movies: forks over knives, vegucated and food inc. i looked at a few blogs. and i pushed my milk, my cheese and my meat over to the side of my fridge and freezer. i replaced what i normally ate for lunch with soy replacements. i wasn’t too worried.. i mean it was JUST 28 DAYS. i could do anything for 28 days. then…after a few days, i felt better. my endometriosis pain was gone. my migraines were gone. my mood was better. i felt lighter – not weight wise, but lighter in my brain. i felt better. and i decided to try a new vegetable each week. so i tried brussel sprouts, cauliflower, squash… and i liked them. i slowly got rid of my milk, my cheese and my meat…i gave it away to folks who would eat it. i felt good about my decisions but it was still short term in my brain.

then… i ran my first half marathon. and damn..i EARNED a pizza..and not just a pizza but a pepperoni pizza. and then..i EARNED a migraine. 3 days in the dark. it was awful. and i knew. never again. i would never knowingly put animal products in my body again. i knew that how i felt was imperative to reaching my goals and being a change maker.

so let’s fast forward…

it’s been 4 years. 4 freaking years. my weight has gone up and down but it’s always within a normal range. i have no migraines. i have no endometriosis pain. i have no depression. i have less acne. i have way more energy. i am happy. and i can credit my lifestyle to that change.

and now.. i try to limit my processed food – so i eat less soy based products, i eat less fake meats, and i eat way more homemade food. i love to cook and bake.

many people don’t understand why i would continue and i don’t need to explain it butI would love to cook for them and show them that vegan mac and cheese is delicious…that an amazing kale salad can fill you up… that a giant green smoothie is the only way to start a day… that this dietary shift can literally change your life and the planet.

so tomorrow is my vegeversary. you ask what will i eat? i am going to start my day with an amazing green smoothie – bananas, 3 cups of greens, frozen fruit, hemp seed, chia seed, raw almond butter, coconut oil and water. for lunch you ask? fruit and chia seed yogurt with hemp seed and nuts with an apple. maybe an afternoon snack? an avocado. for dinner? buffalo cauliflower and crispy buffalo tofu with sweet potato fries and for dessert bliss balls (raw cacao, raw almond butter, coconut oil, coconut, almonds). and yes. of course i planned out a wonderful day of food. but i’m planning on celebrating all week…and forever.

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