Day 29!

5 years ago today – well i’m not entirely sure if it was THIS date, or another, but it was the sunday after thanksgiving – me and k decided to get divorced. it wasn’t a huge fight or huge blowout, it was actually said kind of nonchalantly. then we figured out how it was going to work and happen. we spoke to each other with such love and respect that day, crying and laughing and trying to figure out how to easily move forward when something so precious to us had fractured, fallen apart. many things changed after that day – most of all me. but that day truly was the first day of finally being me.

i changed in ways that were both positive and negative after that day. the steps to progress always go both forward and back but it was that day, that afternoon that pushed me out of my safety nest, out of my complacency and into the world.

today i am grateful for my divorce. it led me to people and places and things i had only dreamt about.

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