Day 27!

I love choices. I love the options when i go places – to eat, for activities, for ways to learn, for ways to expand my mind. i love options in my “regular” life. i do love my habits and things to be consistent, but i love that i have the option to choose which habits i keep and what things i can do to stay consistent. i find that the more i learn about brains and brain research and individual people’s brains – choices are a necessity because we aren’t all alike. our experiences and our individuality make us want to do things differently – the path in front of us all is very different although it may look similar.

today i am grateful for choice and the ability to find a good choice. this is vital to my growth as an individual and as a way for all people to grow.

how do you make choices? do you like choices? or do you find it hard to decide?

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