Day 25!

I adore habits. I love my habits. i love learning about people’s habits, especially people’s ability to develop new ones. i figured out my own habitual nature in college but then abandoned what i knew worked. i had some pretty awful habits (smoking, drinking heavily, eating grossly, indulging in my own depression) and somehow one day i decided that i didn’t want those habits anymore. well actually…it took a lot more time than that, but that’s another blog post.

lately (in my voracious reading appetite) i’ve been reading about habits. the power of habit and now listening to the book on tape (well actually it’s on my phone, but you know what i mean) better than before. the awareness of habits and how they are formed and what kind of “habit maker” i am really helps me understand how to cultivate better habits or develop new ones.

so today, i am grateful for my habits. all the little and big things that make me me.

what kinds of habits do you have? do you want to change your habits?

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