Day 8!

After an amazing day yesterday at the MAEA Conference at MASS Moca (which is now on my list of places to definitely go visit in the next month) and another day planned as well – my brain is full and busy with ideas and inspiration. I even managed to meet one of my favorite authors and researchers Lois Hetland. No lines, just walked up to her and introduced myself.

Today i am grateful for my growth in overcoming some of my shyness. i used to go to things and “wish” i could go talk to a celebrity or someone i admired because of their work or their traits but could never just bring myself to go introduce myself. it is still so hard to do, but i now don’t let my brain stop my life from experience people.

Do you pass experiences by because your brain tells your not worth it or they wouldn’t want to talk to you? Try to talk to one stranger today for no other reason than to say hello and make their day. (It’s a baby step to talking to a stranger than you actually want to meet.)

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