Day 3!

As i’ve been talking about the past 2 days, the abundance present in my life creates a fun, amazing difficult challenge in choosing the order of things during this. But without a doubt, this addition in my life has created the most change, the most peace and the one part of my day that i no longer can live without.

Today, I am grateful for my meditation practice. And it is that, practice. everyday is quite different, some days it occurs with ease, other days my mind and ego yell at me to get distracted. but without a doubt, it always calms me down, brings me focus and allows for more patience throughout my day.

i use the headspace app because i love andy’s voice and it has a sequence to it. it also keeps track of how many days (which is nice for my ego, ha) i have done in a row. it is free to begin and then it costs money to unlock the other meditations. i bought a year’s membership i loved it so much.

Take a moment (or two, or three) to stop and breathe fully in and out. Trust me, it’ll be a much needed release.

1 thought on “Day 3!

  1. Jane here. So nice to have this to read again. 🙂 With gratitude

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