visualizing the day

where the mind goes, the body follows.

waking up at 3:30, brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom. make a smoothie and eat some applesauce. eat another applesauce. eat an applesauce with quinoa. have a smoothie. have a muffin. have some oatmeal with fruit and nuts. at 4:30, sunscreen upper half of body and glide all things under clothes. meditate. at 5:00 head down to transition. pump up tires, attach bento, bottles, aero bottle. get numbered. add everything to run and bike bags. go to the water and breathe. have ucan by 5:45. have applesauce and lara bar at 6:15. wetsuit up. don’t forget to glide neck. seed yourself around 1:10-1:20 folks. breathe. listen to national anthem and try to focus on breath and cry a little. gun goes off and folks begin to enter water. breathe. enter the water and find your own water. find your stroke. stay in your stroke. all the way out. breathe. turnaround. count your strokes. get back to the beach and enter the water again. stay in your stroke. breathe. count your strokes. all the way. head back to the swim finish. lay down and have the wet suit stripped. slow down and breathe. get back to transition.

get bike bag. head into the tent. put bike shirt on, socks on, sleeves on. if it’s raining, put the raincoat on. sunglasses on or in pocket. eat a lara bar. chamois cream for real. sunscreen. get bike. clip in. head out. fuel on that climb. thank every volunteer, loudly. smile as folks pass you. breathe. hydrate. climb. descend to keene. where the mind goes, the body follows. stay in the moment. no matter what’s happening around you, smile. it’ll make everything better. head out to jay. fuel. hydrate. smile. breathe. turnaround and stay focused. do your thing. turn and climb. breathe. be the bike. when the road opens up, take a huge breath, take it in. it’ll look different the next time. fuel. hydrate. breathe. smile. stop at a fuel stop and stamp your feet before you get to the final climb. as you do the final climb, breathe, smile. say hi to the bears and stay calm through the crowds. breathe as you go through town. stay focused. you have another loop. use the crowd as fuel but don’t let it get you ramped up. don’t look for folks. stay on your bike. climb. fuel up that climb. breathe. smile. you’ll be alone. there will be less passing. dig deep. descend and let go of everything. this is where the work is. head to jay. fuel fuel fuel. hydrate hydrate hydrate. keep moving forward. breathe. smile. say thank you. to everything and everyone. look for the beauty. turnaround and fuel. turn and climb. stay in the moment. be the bike. breathe. slow it down. smile. let the love push you up the hill. when the road opens up, look. take a deep breath. sit up, stretch. fuel. hydrate. take it all in. head to the out and back. fuel fuel. all the way to the final climb. stop and stamp your feet. fuel. hydrate. climb. dig deep. everyone is there with you supporting you as you climb. you are doing it. say hello to the bears and dig deep if you need to or just smile as you climb. finish all the fuel on the bike near the house. arrive back at transition.

get your run bag. go into tent. change your top. put sleeves on or around your fuel belt. get towel wet or put on fuel belt. wipe your face. put some deodorant on. put glide on everything. breathe. eat a lara bar. eat some chips. put ginger in your mouth. head out of tent. see folks. hug. love. kiss. then get to work. start your timer. those beeps are the boss. walk like a duck to get your hips open. head out of town and down the hill. walk for a minute, beep, run for two minutes. fuel. hydrate. walk the water stops. get sponges if needed. breathe. stay in the moment. where the mind goes, the body follows. breathe. run when you can. power walk the hills into town. take the power from the crowd. get to special needs. change if you need to. glide up. chips. new socks. focus. it’ll be dark. stay positive. smile. thank the volunteers. head out of town. walk one minute. beep. run two minutes. beep. keep the pattern. power walk the hills back into town. take the power from the crowds. come down the hill. savor the moments coming into the oval. cry. smile. pick up your feet. smile smile smile. enjoy. breathe.

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