after a few tough weeks i had a epiphany today. i was with my book club and we are reading this book called the speed of trust. and yes i’m in a book club and somehow finding time to read. i haven’t gotten far in the book and we were discussing trusting ourselves. there’s a passage in the book from the author about setting his alarm to wake up to work out but turning it off every morning. he then had a hard decision to make and chose to make that choice at night and stick to it in the morning. it was trusting in himself to make the right decision.

and i haven’t been trusting myself. somehow along the road i have faltered in that trust. maybe it happened in lake placid when i stopped. maybe it was after that. but i have committed myself to this race. and i don’t quit. or back down.

so i am re-committed and re-promising and regaining that trust i need in myself. i trust myself to do the training and complete this race. period.

(more to come from the previous few weeks…)

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