one of my heroes (or heroines?)

This post is going to be a bit of me gushing about one of my favorite human beings on the planet and a bit of me looking back to see how far i’ve come (because of said favorite human being).

Jane. Oh Jane. She’s one of a kind in the best kind of ways. 3 years ago today (or roundabout today) i met jane. in the locker room of the ymca (greendale, not central where i spend all my time nowadays). read this if you want the full story. and it’s funny. most times in life you can’t point to a defining moment of your life. you can’t say, that.. that’s what changed my life. but i can. that moment, when jane introduced herself and told me that it gets easier and that she would see me again was MY DEFINING MOMENT. it was the line in the sand. it was moment i needed. 3 years ago. holy shit. and coincidentally jane is running her first marathon this weekend. most people who know jane think based on her incredible knowledge and expertise in endurance running and fueling that she has run a marathon. but this weekend is her first. and it may be possible i am more excited than she is. i can’t wait to hear about every detail. from her flight to florida, to packet pick up, to the race itself, to her “18 mile” moment, to being able to run a marathon with her daughter. i just can’t wait. and that may even be more fun than actually running a marathon – hearing about your hero’s first marathon.

Jane has taught me more than she could ever know. she has taught me how to dance it off, especially when it’s hard. that no matter where you finish, you must finish with some swagger and you have to practice said swagger. she has taught me that we women must be more confident in our bodies because those bodies are ours. she has taught me how to be strong when it’s so incredibly difficult to be. she has taught me how to be kind to everyone. she has taught me what the other end of the phone sounds like and that i can be more patient with my mother because i’m driving her just as crazy as she drives me. she has taught me it’s better to be a little (or a lot) nervous about something new and do it than regret not doing something for the rest of my life.

and just as she said the first moment i met her… it all does get easier. all of it.

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