As bad as it was…It was that great. The cyclical nature of training for something big


As life is, as is training – some weeks are so great you feel like you can conquer and defeat anything and others (as was the previous week and post) are so challenging that you can’t imagine doing pretty much anything without struggle. Neither extreme is actual reality but in my brain it always feels pretty close and goodness do i wish the good weeks were! So this week was fabulous.


I had a long ride of 2:30 to start my training week and in the past a ride this length might’ve made me nervous – which could be why it didn’t go well – but i wasn’t. i just ate and hopped onto keke (the bike). i just could not get comfortable, the queen was bitching at me and i couldn’t get my legs up to 90 rpm. (and you ask, why was this great?) because i did it. i focused. i pushed through the suck. i listened to a great podcast from rich roll (the rrp ) and learned about some new fueling opportunities. which i’ll be trying today! i struggled with going to my monday morning swim class and didn’t go – but reached out for help to obtain that motivation. had an amazing yoga class and ride with coach k and sunshine on tuesday, so much so that i (again) think i finally understand the mechanics of cycling. i probably don’t but i’m getting closer to that understanding. had a great strength session tuesday night and wednesday morning before my swim. things were rolling. even into thursday and friday. although i was pretty much wiped out on friday by 5 pm, i still felt great. i ate (a ton) and went to bed early. and then had an incredible interval run on the treadmill on saturday followed by another great strength session.

i did it.
i did it.

this new cycle that started november 1 is focusing on strength and is now incorporating mediation within the training. this is ideal for my brain is my biggest enemy. if i can quiet my mind i can overcome anything that comes way. and the focus on strength is also interesting. i say interesting because i’m so not strong. i find myself figuring out the best time to go to the gym so as to not have too many people there watching me. even though i know no one is watching anyone at the gym – people are way too caught up in themselves and their own fear of folks watching them. but i still figured out the best times to be there so i can lift without the boys around bench pressing 200 pounds and grunting. and good gracious! it’s hard. these sets are crazy but my muscles fatigue quickly and for the first time in a LONG time – i am sore. so i am increasing my anti-inflammatory foods and have a made a fun delicious turmeric cocktail in order to aid in the anti-inflammatory-ness.

this week has been great…which means that next week will create new challenges to overcome. and i think i’m ready.

1 thought on “As bad as it was…It was that great. The cyclical nature of training for something big

  1. Meditation is a practice in knowing. Next week you WILL be ready. Breath in ready, exhale accomplished.

    Well done!

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