this one’s a bit barfy. and i don’t care.

so here comes my academy awards moment of thanking everyone who helped/supported/loved me along the way of this journey…and who i hope will continue to love me despite the difficulty of dealing with me.

first off. sean. duh. goodness. thank you. you have put up with the brunt of everything. my moodiness, my tears, my exhaustion. you have been patient, kind and so helpful. if it weren’t for you, my yard would be up to my eyes, my feet would hurt way more and my heart wouldn’t be as full. you are so lovely. and you make me laugh even when i don’t want to. you remind me that this is supposed to be fun. and you keep me in better balance. thank you my love.

kerin. if sean has gotten the brunt, it was a lot less due to you. you are my sounding board. my running buddy for life (although we haven’t run together in forever). you listen when i’m crazy/sad/happy/tired/unmotivated and remind me that whatever emotion i’m feeling will pass. you are my constant. you are unwavering in your love for me and that means so much to me. thank you.

jas. you knew what i was going through before i would go through it. the roller coaster of crazy and hard workouts was only enjoyable because i knew that i would have someone who was going through it with me and knew what i was going through. your patience when i was ridiculous – like in the pond the first time i wore my wetsuit, or when i got 3 flats before even starting the ride and then another on the ride- was incredible. i deserved a punch in the face a few times for sure. you were such a fabulous cheerleader and training partner. i know you said no more thank yous, but get over it.

kate. you are my inspiration and my leader. you are the beacon of light when things get tough. you guide me and answer all of my questions no matter how many or how silly or how crazy. you push me to be a better human being and better athlete. you believe in me in moments where i doubt myself. you wipe away my tears when things are hard and share in my joy when things are momentous. you have taught me how to be a triathlete and not a jamoke. thank you.

cheryl. you have shown me how to be brave when things are scary. you show me daily how positivity and openness to new experiences can only bring about greater joy. your patience and love when i’m insane is more than i deserve. you are a true friend. thank you.

lauren. lolo. your ridiculousness is always helpful when i take myself too seriously. you joined me in my journey through my first marathon. your voice is always with me when i run and when things get hard. you push me to be braver and more flexible even when my plan is what i want to to stick to. thank you.

suzanne. sunshine. your love and support is beyond what i could have imagined when we first met. starting this journey together and sitting in the car crying, not understanding how we would fit it all in, to saving barbies from the flood, to hugging you and sitting in an ice bath after patriot. you are who i hope to be when i grow up (and i hope i get a kitchen as awesome as yours.) thank you.

jaye. my eeyore. you doubt yourself while i know how strong and amazing you are. you have shown what a true athlete looks like. that even though there were all sorts of obstacles that continued to get in the way, you proved to be better and stronger than those. thank you.

pam. you have shown me that being me is perfectly fine and being demanding of my needs is what is expected. you have shown me that not always being the best is a true testament of strength, than being “naturally” gifted. i love swimming with you even though you hate it when i splash you. thank you for being with me on the bike. thank you.

jane. oh jane. from the beginning. till now. i have no words. i hope that i continue to be in your life because you don’t get to get out of mine now. you are so joyful and loving. the world needs more jane. thank you.

judy. your enthusiasm and love through my journey has been the fuel i have needed. no one is a better cheerleader than you are. you are a constant positive force. thank you for believing in me.

my family. although you don’t understand why i do the things i do. and you don’t always support me the way i want you to, you are always with me. thank you.

the y team. what started out for me as a way to run, has turned into a family. we don’t have to see each other all the time, yet i know you are with me every step, stroke, cycle along the way. 

walter. my peace. you are in my pocket always. reminding me to breathe. to loosen up. to let go. thank you. 

i’m pretty crazy lucky to have so many incredible people in my life. if i didn’t specifically name you, i’m sorry. i’m sure my brain is still very mushy and i’ll wish i had named a million other people. thank you to everyone. 


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