it’s been too long…

so i’ve written a few posts in my head over the past few weeks. but i haven’t had a minute (or 20) to actually sit down and write what’s in my head. 

so i’ve had a couple of milestones (and i LOVE milestones). 

i rode 2:35 alone. and loved it. longest ride to date. my legs felt great. my mind was even better.

i swam the farthest i’ve ever swam continuously in a pool (2050 yds). felt wonderful.

i ran 7.75 miles on the treadmill. yes. the treadmill. and it wasn’t awful. (it also wasn’t wonderful, but hey…)

along all those fantastic milestones and wonderful workouts – i’ve been riddled with doubt, emotions, fatigue, chaos, lack of time, lack of balance, frustration and overall craziness feeling. i’ve been focused on balance and incorporating more social things and that has helped with my chaos and emotions dramatically. some of these milestones has helped tremendously with my doubt and frustration. 

melting and yoga, as well as focusing on the positive is truly helping balance my mood when my life seems to feel so full. i’m hoping that once the warmth comes, the snow melts and the sun is shining on a regular that things will feel better. but in the meantime, i need to focus on the small victories and the big ones too.

this weekend i’m racing new bedford half marathon. i’m super excited and not nervous at all about this race. last year i loved it. i’m expecting the same on sunday. i’m also hoping for a slightly faster half time due to the amount of work and focus i’ve been putting into the training. but even if i don’t improve, i’ll be fine. 

small, incremental victory and progress is all i’m looking for in everything.

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